Middle/High School DRESS CODE

The purpose of the school dress code is to provide uniformity in attire that will eliminate competition among students as well as the distractions which fashion and hairstyle fads provide. The uniform policy helps ensure that students project an appropriate and positive image of Catholic schools.

The approved dress code items below may be purchased, in a variety of price ranges, from vendors of your choice. The ¼ zip pullover can be ordered through the school-selected provider. ASC will place bulk orders, minimally at the beginning of every school year. All clothing must fit appropriately. Parental support in this is appreciated. The principal’s decision is final regarding the appropriateness of all clothing.


  • Solid khaki, solid navy
  • Plain front, pleated or elastic waist, Docker style pant
  • Girls may wear capri pants
  • Jean day - Blue denim, five pocket style, non-jeggings, no tears or holes


  • Solid navy or khaki
  • Bermuda style in length


  • Solid white, solid navy, solid light gray
  • Collared button dress shirt
  • Collared polo shirt
  • Must be worn tucked in
  • Solid t-shirts in any color may be worn under collared shirts
  • Logos must be smaller than 2" x 2"


  • Solid white, solid navy, solid light gray
  • Crew neck, v-neck, cardigan, quarter zip, or vest
  • All sweater styles except quarter zip must be worn with a collared shirt
  • Waist or hip length


  • Solid navy, solid light gray
  • 1/4 zip pullover or crew neck with the approved All Saints crest logo
  • Purchased through the Workwear Store
  • Crew neck sweatshirt must be worn with a collared shirt
  • Quarter zip sweatshirt to be worn with any color solid crew neck t-shirt


  • Shoes must have back or back strap.
  • Belts optional - black, brown, khaki, or navy with small buckle.
  • No hats may be worn.
  • Hair must be neat, clean, and appropriate. Unnatural colors are not permitted. Principal has the final decision as to whether or not a hair style / color is acceptable.
  • Male students must be clean shaven.
  • No visible piercings other than traditional earrings.
  • No visible tattoos allowed.
  • Dress up days to be determined by the principal, and must meet standards of modesty. Principal has the final say on appropriateness of attire.
  • Sports teams may wear shirts / jerseys on specific days which must be communicated to school prior. Coach / Advisor to communicate which items the team members will be wearing.

Jean Days:

On free jean days, students may wear jeans with an ASC top. That includes All Saints dress code shirts or All Saints spirit wear. All shirts must be school-appropriate and meet the dress code test for length and standard for neckline. On donation jean days, students may pay for the opportunity to wear jeans and a non-ASC top. The top must be school-appropriate standards for length and neckline.