Corpus Christi Athletic Association (CCAA)

Tuition Assistance Program (T.A.P.)

T.A.P. is available for any child currently attending All Saints Central (PS-12) regardless of parish affiliation. 

Tuition assistance is based on work hours performed at Fish Fries, Family Bowling Night, Fall Bazaar or Parish Picnic.  One annual payment is made by CCAA to participating families in April.

Approximate award: $225-$300 per child up to $1,050. 

Additional assistance is available for joining the Corpus Christi Athletic Association which include meeting attendance and chairing an event.

  1. Meeting Attendance.  Attending 7 of 10 yearly meetings results in $100 towards tuition.
  2. "Chair Incentive" Program.  This program can also help lower tuition costs. If you chair an event or create a fundraiser that helps generate funds towards T.A.P., a percentage from the funds collected will be credited towards your tuition.

There are many All Saints Central families taking advantage of the T.A.P. and as an added bonus, many great relationships and memories have been created to last a lifetime.

Corpus Christi Athletic Association's mission is to promote a faith-based education through the Tuition Assistance Program while helping keep strength in numbers in the All Saints Central school family, our community, and parishes. We are an extension of God's hand and his work.

We hope you become part of our ASC Family.

God Bless!!

Join us for our next Meeting!

Corpus Christi Athletic Association Tuition Aid Program -  Information and Application