Kindergarten & Early 5

When a child is approaching her/his fifth birthday, it often gives parents pause to realize just how much knowledge this young person has accumulated and how many things (s)he has learned to do already. As exciting and miraculous as the birth of a child is, it is also an amazing and humbling experience as a parent to be entrusted with aiding your child's earliest years of growth and development. And, as the day-to-day routines become established before we know it the time comes to be thinking about Kindergarten!

At All Saints Central, we recognize that all children have been gifted with unique abilities and talents, and each child develops on his/her own timetable. For this reason, we continue to offer an Early 5 program as well as Kindergarten. The Early 5 program is wonderful for children who have fall birthdays or for other reasons are not yet ready to begin Kindergarten. Often they are not quite ready with the self-discipline, social skills, or overall maturity levels that an incoming Kindergartner would possess. The Early 5 program, while less demanding than Kindergarten, allows these children an extra year of growth and development, easing them into academic pursuits in a more gradual and individualized manner.

All Saints Central's Kindergarten program offers well-rounded opportunities for children to begin their elementary school foundation. Fine and large motor, language, artistic, musical, and early reading skills are developed. Children receive Religion, Math, Science, Technology, Social Studies, English and Reading instruction. Teachers are certified, have educational backgrounds and experience in early childhood education and are assisted by helpful aides when enrollment warrants it.

We welcome you to consult with the principal, visit the Kindergarten or Early 5's classroom and see for yourself the environment in which your child could be starting his/her educational journey. During summer months when school is not in session, it is still very valuable to speak with a school principal who can answer your questions and share information regarding the Kindergarten or Early 5 program with you.

Upon visiting All Saints Elementary School, you may also register the very same day. A $100 deposit, or first month's payment (if school year of enrollment is already underway), will be collected at registration. For tuition questions, or to set up an appointment, please contact Carol at 989.892.2533, extension 124.