SCRIP program

If you already know about the SCRIP program, you may download our order form here. If you're wondering what SCRIP is, you can learn more below.

What is SCRIP?

SCRIP is a gift certificate or gift card purchased at face value and used the same as cash. Participating businesses donate some of their profits, half of which helps fund our schools, while the other half becomes tuition credit for the family who purchased the SCRIP. SCRIP is an important source of fundraising income for the All Saints Central Schools.

How does it work?

Here's an example of how SCRIP works. Ordering a $25 card for each of four restaurants, such as Applebee's, Old City Hall, El Mexicano and Starbucks costs $100 total and purchases $100 in meals. Because the SCRIP was sold to the schools at discounted prices, averaging 10%, the schools earn $10. The participating family receives a $5 tuition credit and the remaining $5 stays within the schools' fund. Merchants offer discounts from 1.25% to 25%.

Where can I use SCRIP?

There are hundreds of different merchants participating so you can use SCRIP to purchase clothing, fast food, gasoline, groceries, restaurant food, car washes, hotel accommodations, even cruises. You can also use SCRIP to pay your Kohl's charge card bill. You may view a list of participating local retailers on our order form. There are additional participating retailers listed at the Great Lakes SCRIP Center.

Do SCRIP sales really make a difference?

Some families save anywhere from $500 to $1,000 every year by utilizing SCRIP. For families who faithfully use SCRIP, 73% earn from $150 to $300 in annual savings. Currently, about 60% of our families are participating in this tuition credit program.

How do I purchase SCRIP?

You may purchase SCRIP at the administration office located in the middle/high school. Simply pick up an order form in the office or download one and bring it along with your payment. For very large amounts of SCRIP or special orders, please prepay and order on Monday and your SCRIP will normally be available by Thursday.

Who can purchase SCRIP?

Anyone who wants to support All Saints Central, or a specific family at All Saints Central, may buy SCRIP. Please indicate the parent(s), if any, to whom you would like to give credit when ordering your SCRIP.

Kroger Community Rewards

By signing up for a Community Rewards program at Kroger, a percentage of your purchase will automatically be returned to the schools. You can have as many friends and relatives "linked" to your card as you wish. Kroger Plus Card registration information is available at the school offices or by clicking here.