We recognize and support the use of technology in education throughout our system.

Technology in the Elementary School

Our elementary school houses a computer lab and has laptop computers and iPads available for our students. From Kindergarten on up, students receive instruction in computer classes and work at computers regularly. Instruction is reinforced with classroom projects utilizing computers, particularly in the upper elementary grades.

The elementary school also has Smart Boards and other Smart technology enabling children to participate in interactive learning in exciting ways. Smart tables are used as well, allowing for hands on learning games and reinforcement in a small group setting.

Technology in the Middle and High School

At the middle and high school, two computer labs allow students the opportunities to have computer instruction and also to work independently at online courses and for other projects. Many of the courses throughout the middle and high school encourage students to embrace computers for up-to-date information, research, presentations, and other usages.

The middle and high school will be continuing to acquire more Smart Boards. Fundraising toward this goal is ongoing.

Technology Services

Technology Services supports student achievement through the use of technology throughout our schools in a variety of ways including computer repair, software support, network management, Internet access, technology integration, e-mail and telephones.

Acceptable Use Policy

Technology Plan