Get INvolved!

A distinguishing feature of parochial schools is the willingness of parents and students to volunteer their time and talent to support and promote their school. As an All Saints Central family, we are all on this faith-filled journey together. Parents, students, grandparents and community members volunteer to serve on committees, work at fundraisers, help in the classroom and support the school staff in their efforts. This generous outpouring of support helps not only in guiding decisions and controlling costs but it also helps to develop a strong Christian community made up of our school families.

To volunteer at All Saints Central, contact either of the following principals:

In accordance with Diocesan policy all adults, including parents, who work with or around students must agree to a criminal background check, complete the acknowledgment of reception of the Standards of Ministerial Behavior for Those Working with Children and Young People, and participate in the Virtus Training program as required by the Diocese.