Early 5's to Grade 5

Updated July 2018

The purpose of the school uniform policy is to provide uniformity in attire that will eliminate competition among students as well as the distractions which fashion and hairstyle fads provide.  The uniform policy helps to ensure that students project an appropriate and positive images of Catholic schools.

The approved dress code items below may be purchased, in a variety of price ranges, from Saginaw Knitting Mills at 8788 Carter, Freeland, MI (989) 695-2481 or 1-800-638-9457.  You may also purchase clothing from vendors of your choice as long as the styles and colors are comparable to those approved through Saginaw Knitting Mills.

The principal has the final decision regarding appropriateness of clothing.


  • Colors:  solid navy or solid khaki
  • Plain front, pleated or elastic waist - dress style (i.e. Dockers) loose fit, non-stretch fabric
  • Plain front, pleated or elastic waist - no side pockets or loops down the legs
  • Not allowed:  hip huggers or low risers, leggings or pants with elastic at the bottom, cargo pants, or jean style 
  • Belts are optional


  • Colors:  solid navy or solid khaki
  • Appropriate length - dress style (i.e. Dockers) loose fit, non-stretch fabric
  • Not allowed:  stretch shorts, tight fitting shorts, or athletic shorts


  • Colors:  solid navy, khaki, or any plaid that includes the color blue
  • Appropriate length


  • Colors:  white, light blue, navy (no grey)
  • Styles include:  collared dress shirts, collared polo shirts, or turtleneck
  • School polo shirt with approved All Saints embroidered logo
  • Not allowed:  colored or printed undershirts under uniform shirts
  • Not allowed:  brand logos, alternative colors (aqua, turquoise, royal blue, etc.),  fleece or velour pullovers


  • May not be cut or torn
  • Only dress code approved sweatshirts with embroidered school logo purchased, in a variety of price ranges, from Saginaw Knitting Mills may be worn daily.  For your convenience, there will be at least 2 school wide orders placed during the year.  Hoodies are only allowed to be worn on Jean Day Fridays.
  • May wear grey quarter zip with approved embroidered school logo
  • Dress code, collared shirt must be worn under sweatshirts
  • ASC Spirit wear can only be worn on Jean Day Fridays.


  • Colors:  solid white, solid navy, or solid light blue (no off white or grey)
  • Crew neck or V-neck, cardigan or vest
  • Sweaters must be waist/hip length
  • Must have approved collared dress code shirt underneath
  • Not allowed:  cropped or extra-long sweaters, hooded sweaters, alternative colors (aqua, turquoise, grey, black, etc.), zippered sweaters, jackets of any kind (athletic jackets, fleece, velour, nylon or stretch)


  • All students are required to wear socks


  • Dress shoes or tennis shoes
  • Flat bottom soles, no raised heels
  • All shoes must remain completely laced and tied at all times
  • Not allowed:  boots, wheeled shoes, sandals, flip-flops, or backless shoes of any kind

Hats may not be worn inside the building at any time.


  • Appropriate hair style, no bizarre hair styles or haircuts
  • Reasonable hair accessories allowed
  • Not allowed:  artificial hair coloring


  • Not allowed:  make-up, rings with large stones, or visible tattoos

Jean Days:  Every Friday

  • Denin type only - not cargo, painter, fatigue-type, stretch or bibbed jeans
  • Only ASC sports shirts, ASC T-shirts, or uniform shirts may be worn
  • Not allowed:  hip hugger or low riser.  No holes

Dress-up Days:  Special Days determined by the principal

  • You may dress in your Sunday best or a fun, appropriate outfit on your birthday or a school day close to your day
  • Dress up clothing must be modest, appropriate and comply with school handbook requirements

Dress Code for Preschool:  Uniforms are not required for Preschool students.  However, socks must be worn.